First picked up a camera at the aged  7.
Apprenticeship in commercial photography aged  16.
Bachelors degree in photography aged 27  

Some years later after a couple of significant personal events in life I realized that inspiration was more than just some vague idea to refer to. Western light, beaches, the sea, being on a cliff top, is more important to my creativity than any thing else.

So throwing caution into a rather strong off shore breeze we up’d sticks and can now head North, South or West and hit stunning coast lines in around half an hour. Add to that I can stand on top of a mountain in clear air within half an hour and the light that so inspires me is within easy reach.

But it is not just about lifestyle.  Experience providing photography in the UK and overseas ranges from large international clients to the individual.  Subjects range from the head-shot of the individual to fashion,  lifestyle and product photography, pretty much anything you can name.

Whilst the natural light can be stunning the weather is not always kind, do not worry!  I bring extensive knowledge of lighting techniques and am at home in a studio as I am on a cliff top. 

Whether you just need photography, or whether you need complete pre and post production  assistance I am here to help and make sure you investment is worthwhile. 
Photograph of Simon

This is Simon.... Photographed by Vanessa Champion friend and fellow photographer

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